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» Our methodology

Our methodology


We work closely with our clients, and we inform them of our progress at each stage of the hiring process.  A single consultant oversees all stages of the mission, thus ensuring better follow-up, quality service and guaranteed confidentiality.



The different recruitment stages


We begin by establishing contact with the Managing Director, the BU-manager, Sales Director or Human Resources Manager to draft a mission agreement by direct approach for the French, Swedish, Finnish, Danish or Norwegian branch of the group.



Listening, understanding and analysing the context, studying the environment of the vacancy to be filled

- Interviews with the Manager and/or operational staff concerned by the recruitment, allowing us to gain better insight into the company and its values and to optimise the conditions for a close working relationship.

- Analysis of the position and its assignments, writing up a job description.

- Drawing up a schedule for the recruitment.


Choosing the method

MS-search is primarily specialised in headhunting This methodology entails searching for talents that cannot be easily identified by other means. We use our direct approach method to provide our clients with solutions precisely tailored to meet their specific needs.


We are proactive and search for new candidates for each position in order to maximise our chances of successfully completing each mission. We have also noticed, through our extensive track record, that most in-house databases generally only contain candidates that have been idle for a long time or are the least suitable. The new European GDPR legislation has also made it more difficult to build in-house databases (obligation to delete idle profiles after a maximum period of three years). The search for qualified executives has become very complicated and we have noticed that it is no longer enough to simply publish a job ad or consult a static data base.


Seasoned multicultural managers, executives, engineers and sales executives are not a dime a dozen. We must therefore use specific techniques to identify them and contact them.


In order to reach out to the largest possible target of professionals, we often need to use all three approaches at the same time:


- Networking on LinkedIn, searching through CV data banks and external databases, personal networks, university networks and alumni associations, business organisations, trade shows, forums, etc.

- Headhunting: drawing up an exhaustive list of target companies within which we identify the potential candidates. Thanks to this approach, we can reach a large number of professionals who are not active jobseekers but whose profiles seem to particularly fit the relevant vacancies. 

- Through job ads: to reach a broad target of active job seekers with different backgrounds, we advertise the position online, confidentially, if necessary, on the appropriate platforms depending on the profile we are looking for.


Launching the search

- Identifying candidates who potentially meet the requirements of the job vacancy, by using the methods described above.

- Drawing up and sending out questionnaires made specifically for each position.

- Receipt of the questionnaires and detailed analysis of their content. We verify the coherence of the candidate’s background and career plans and validate the first key points depending on the vacancy and its specific context.

- We then continue the process with the candidates who match the job profile. During face to face interviews, we assess and evaluate the background, skills, motivation and personality of the candidates in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses with respect to the requirements of their new position within the client company. We make sure that the candidates are aware of the issues at stake, the responsibilities and the context of the vacancy to be filled.


Selecting and presenting the candidates

We present several candidates whose capabilities and both professional and personal skills match the needs and culture of the company. We deliver a comprehensive summary of useful information about each candidate to the client. It takes us between four to eight weeks to present a short list of candidates, depending on the complexity of the mission and any emergency criteria expressed by our client. We can schedule the candidate presentation over a single day, to facilitate faster decision making, while simplifying the organisation of meetings to accommodate our client’s schedule. For international recruitments, our clients often wish to start with interviewing the short-listed candidates over a web-based meeting in order to avoid multiple air travels.


Final decision and onboarding 

- Taking references for final stage candidate or candidates.

- We assist our clients in making their decision by advising them at every step of the way, particularly during salary negotiations. We share our knowledge of pay levels for jobs recruited in the different countries with our clients.

- We monitor the employee’s onboarding, and we remain attentive to our clients and the candidates we recruited.

- We inform the non-selected candidates and follow up with all the people contacted.



We offer our clients a guarantee which means that MS-search will conduct another search at no extra cost in case the candidate leaves within six months after joining the company.




We operate in accordance with the ethical rules and code of conduct of our profession. Missions are entrusted to us exclusively and we handle them from A to Z.


Fees are determined by common agreement on the basis of two criteria: the complexity of the search and the responsibility level of the position. They are payable at each stage of the recruitment process: at launch of the search, at presentation of the candidates and when the employment contract is signed with the selected candidate. These conditions guarantee payment linked to the success of the mission.