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» Our Methods

We work in tight collaboration with our clients and communicate about our progress through each stage of the recruitment.  The same consultant is responsible for every facet of each phase of the mission, thus guaranteeing better follow-up and the quality of the service.



The different stages of a recruitment



Listening, understanding and analysing context, studying the environment of the position to be filled

  • Interviews with the Manager and/or the operational staff involved in the recruitment process, allowing us insight into the company in order to understand its values and to optimise the conditions of a tight collaboration.
  • Analysis of the position and its functions, drafting of a description of the position.
  • Definition of a provisional timetable for the recruitment.


Choosing the method 


Selecting the right method for each specific context.


In order to reach out to the widest possible range of professionals, the best option is often to simultaneously combine these three approaches:

  • Search CV-banks and external databases, social networks and networking, school networks and former student associations, professional organisations, salons, forums, etc.
  • Headhunting: preparation of an exhaustive list of target companies inside of which we identify potential candidates. This method allows us to approach a great number of professionals who are not actively looking for a new challenge but whose profiles seem to be particularly compatible with the positions in question.
  • By advertisement: to gain access to a large pool of actively searching candidates, we put an advertisement online, confidentially if necessary, on the appropriate media for the type of profile desired.


Launching the search


Identifying the candidates who potentially meet the requirements of the position to be filled by using the methods described above.


Organising the first telephone interviews with the identified candidates. We make sure during this first meeting of the coherence of the candidate’s career path and professional projects, and we validate the first key points depending on the position to be filled and it particular context.


We inform the candidates of the demands, responsibilities and context of the position to be filled.


We then continue in the process with the candidates which match the profile for the position. During individual face-to-face interviews, we assess and evaluate the career path, competences, motivation and the personality of the candidates in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses as regards the requirements of the potential function within the client company.



Selection and presentation of the candidates


Next, we present the candidates which are the best matches for the required profile to the client. The presentation can take place over the course of one day or over two half-days with the aim of helping our clients to make a quick and easy decision, all the while simplifying the organisation of the meetings so as to work around our client’s schedule.



Final decision and integration


We accompany our clients in the decision-making phase by offering our advice during each stage, particularly during contract negotiations.


We organise a follow-up on the integration of the collaborator and stay, if possible, connected with our clients and recruited candidates for the duration of their employment in the company.