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Marie is a very talented and ambitious recruiter who quickly understood what we were looking for and managed to find it even though it was a very niche target. We look forward to using Marie again for future hirings, 5 over 5!


I highly recommend Ms Sundin. The quality and responsiveness of our exchanges was a genuine asset. I also appreciated our various pertinent and on-point conversations,
Thanks for your commitment


Ms Sundin is a very perspicacious recruiter and attentive person. Thanks to her, candidates discover a wealth of opportunities while employers are very likely to find their rare gem. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.


Highly recommend Marie. She was involved and supportive throughout the entire process and also followed up the process very professionally. Many thanks for your professional work.



Highly recommended. Efficient and professional. The missions entrusted to MS-search enabled us to fill our vacancies with high-calibre candidates.



I highly recommend Marie Sundin for her professionalism and quality of follow-up. Indeed, she steadfastly stood by my side throughout all the hiring phases.  She was able to grasp the nuances and details of her client and presented me with a position in line with reality, which matched my expectations.


Marie helped me to recruit an MD in France. She presented many very good candidates from the desired role description and organized everything in a professional manner. Very happy with this recruitment!



Marie handled the recruitment of our CFO in a very professional and efficient way. She quickly understands the culture of the company she is helping, a caring approach to the people and a strong network both in France and Sweden. Thanks!


I got in contact with Marie Sundin during a recruitment for a CFO position at Vinci Energies. She interviewed me over Skype and presented me with a very accurate description of the company and the position. She was frank with me and said Vinci Energies was looking for a Swedish native CFO but accepted anyway my application as I spoke Swedish.
I then had the opportunity to meet with her during the interviews with the management.
The recruitment process went very smoothly: while I was kept informed about the progress, I also had the opportunity to ask further questions that were always answered with full honesty. I got the job :-). I can highly recommend Marie Sundin for both French companies wanting to recruit professionals in Sweden but also French/Swedish candidates in Sweden. Respect, speed and honesty are Marie Sundin's great values.


I have worked several times with Marie, I really appreciate her quick feedback and her willingness to stick to our needs. Good follow up of the candidates after having been recruited.



Marie helped us find the new director for the Swedish section of the International School "Lycée International" in Saint-Germain-en-Laye outside of Paris. This search was very tricky, since the candidate needed to combine many qualities and competencies. The person needed to be a teacher in Swedish language and history, a seasoned manager in an academic environment and knowledgeable in French and French culture. Marie did a very efficient job and came up with several good candidates in record time. She is extremely professional, and her analysis of the candidates was very pertinent and helped us with the selection process. I therefore recommend her services strongly.



We recruited our Business Controller through MS Search with great success. From a clear analysis of the need, to a regular update of the recruiting process. We received few candidates that matched really what we expected. We finally recruited a person who is really efficient. Thank you for that Marie and we look forward to the next mission for MS-search.


Very pleased with the professional approach that Marie showed during our search. A success in spite of the difficult environment. Marie is very knowledgeable about both French and Swedish HR environments.


Very good collaboration with Marie who adapts to the need and successfully completed the sales recruitment mission that I gave her with numerous requirements
I highly recommend the skills of Marie, her efficient service and her human-sized activity.


I used Marie Sundin in the search of employees for ESBE Sarl. Marie is very customer oriented and efficient during the process. What I also appreciated is that she is aware of the cultural differences that might occur in international companies and evaluate that in selection of candidates. I can strongly recommend Marie.


Marie showed professionalism during this recruitment. She is precise, communicative and keeps her commitments. She also provides “customer support” after the recruitment. Marie showed professionalism during this recruitment. She is precise, communicative and keeps her commitments. She also provides “customer support” after the recruitment.


I find Marie Sundin to be an extremely thorough and serious person, very concerned about both clients and candidates. In my case, she managed to match my profile 100%, with a foreign employer's requirement specification and without her help we would never have overcome language barriers and labour law related issues. She was also very patient, excellent listening skills and a good analysis both during and even after the process, as she followed up on several occasions. A very good person to deal with and who made me open my eyes to the possibilities that were available. Very grateful for that and she gets my warmest recommendations.


Marie has a very professional style but at the same time very comfortable and nice. Her really good understanding of different business cultures in the different countries helped me to better understand the other party. She gave me a good view of the company and the people in it so it feels like "I got what I bought" :-). Would recommend her to anybody with similar cross-country recruitments.


I had the opportunity to work with Marie for an opportunity as Business Controller at Atlas Copco. Her preselection process was thorough, efficient and transparent. She also performed a great follow-up during and after the recruitment process.
Marie is a highly skilled consultant with a structured and open-minded approach.


I’m very happy to recommend Marie Sundin. For me, her professionalism and assistance gave me great support and was a key for the success of my recent recruitment. You have very positively impacted my journey. Wishing you the best and every success.


Marie was very professional and especially proactive in connecting me with my new job. She coached me extremely well to help me get the job. I highly recommend her skills!


I was very lucky to meet someone like Marie Sundin in my professional career. Besides the fact that she identified my profile that perfectly matched my new job position, she was really careful and available during the entire recruitment process. She always gave good advice every step of the way. I would say that her support was essential to help me take the decision to leave my former position for this new challenge. I would definitely recommend her services of Senior Recruitment Consultant.


Marie was in charge of the recruitment of the “Business Unit President, Antivibration and Insulation Solutions” for the Trelleborg group. The Business Unit has approx. 1100 employees and 10 operating units globally. She approached me for the role and I very much appreciated her professionalism, efficiency and her great follow up during the recruitment process. I would be happy to recommend her for Top Management recruitments.


Marie is a highly professional and devoted recruitment consultant. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with her as a candidate and I would like to recommend her ability to see beyond CV lines and obvious criteria to find a match that takes not only previous experience into account but also personality consistency. She is thorough with pre-selection and engaged in her projects that she follows up even after signature. Furthermore, she is a pleasant and open person to work with.



Marie Sundin was my manager at Exp.., but we often worked very closely together on projects, especially in the beginning when she taught me everything about the profession. I couldn't have had a better teacher nor a more experienced one. Marie is very professional and efficient; she has an excellent skill to easily understand the client's wishes and find the right profile for an open position. Her many years of experience have also given her a very good knowledge of the French-Scandinavian market as well as special characteristics that are generally required of a candidate in order to fit into both cultures.


Marie is an impressive, organised and meticulous professional in the executive recruiting field.
She understands clients' expectations and she is able to create win-win situations for all the parties, matching profiles in terms of professional and personal needs. Her attitude and high standing personality-style made me feel comfortable and drove me to the right professional-family choice.


Marie was responsible for the recruitment process for the CFO position at Vinci Energies Nordic. She is very professional; the planning was good and clear and I also appreciated the continuous feedback from Marie throughout the process. In addition, I feel that she really cares to make the right fit both for the candidate and the company.


Excellent follow up by phone and mail, high reactivity and fast execution. Deep interest in the assignment, good understanding of our company values and corporate culture. Successful identification of our needs concerning both the personality and the experience of selected candidates. I was fully satisfied with the recruitment process, completely managed by Marie.


Marie successfully and rapidly completed a difficult recruitment: very technically specific candidate selection criteria, experience and management capacity requirement. In a few weeks, I had the pleasure and surprise of being presented with several profiles that matched the criteria and represented valuable candidates. A successful experience thanks to Marie, she was particularly pleasant and easy to work with.


Marie is a highly professional recruitment specialist. It is my observation that her approach is unusually respectful to both her clients and the candidates.



It is with real pleasure that I had the opportunity to work with Marie SUNDIN for two years. She held the position of Senior International Recruitment Consultant at the Alc.. recruitment agency. During this time, Marie fully committed herself to the various assignments that she was given. She was highly successful in building up her practice and in achieving her goals, both in terms of middle and top management recruitments and in terms of opening new international accounts. Over the course of our collaboration, I appreciated the quality of her work, her compliance with processes, her strong head-hunting abilities, her determination and also her very profoundly results-based culture. Marie is a complete consultant, as efficient in the act of prospecting and headhunting as she is when it comes to delivery. In my experience, Marie has always displayed impeccable professionalism. She has been an exemplary consultant, self-assured and committed to her work, who has given the Alc.. agency, as well as its clients and candidates, complete satisfaction.


During my hiring to my current position as Sales Director (Same Deutz-Fahr France), I was able to appreciate the professionalism of Marie. She was pragmatic, transparent and very dynamic. She was able to establish a relationship of trust and build a thought process.



I was contacted by Ms Sundin for my current position. I would like to thank Ms Sundin specifically for her definition of the position and her clear foresight of my career expectations. Today, I’m very satisfied and feel professionally fulfilled in my job. I recommend Marie Sundin for recruitments.


When I returned to France in 2011 from Latin America, Marie Sundin was the headhunter in charge of hiring for the company that I joined.  We had a first contact and several interviews on Skype (or other electronic means of communication) to understand my profile and the proposed position. This phase was followed by "headhunter/candidate" and "Company/candidate" face to face interviews when I came to France for holidays. Marie carried out a close and continuous follow-up during the final stages. I found Marie to be very professional in her approach to finding and selecting in order to find the perfect fit for the profile sought by the company.


I worked with Marie when we set up Sogefi Purchasing. We were hiring a very specific profile. She was able to understand quickly our need and translate it into a function profile. She was clever & efficient enough to identify quickly the most appropriated candidates fitting with the company culture. Thanks also to her professional network. I appreciated also her follow up after the end of the mission. I highly recommend her for her professionalism, customer orientation, energy and drive which lead her to efficiency.


I worked with Marie in the CHP Firm for one year. She has an exemplary sense of anticipation, understanding, listening skills and availability for her clients. Marie is an excellent recruitment professional, and her experience allows her to make accurate, well-founded and relevant assessments of the candidates.



Recruitment mission in 2012 carried out in good conditions, timing and great candidates. A professional approach to the client's corporate culture and a sense of direct approach.


Marie Sundin joined Exp.. Paris office on 15th March 2006. an executive search company focusing on French-Nordic recruitments. Ms Sundin is now leaving on the 12th of September 2008 on her own request to continue her career within another company. Ms Sundin has been the Head of Research services during her time at Exp.., a position that truly requires understanding of various types of business and professions. Furthermore, it requires extraordinary skills in getting in touch with the right persons, and presentation and interview skills in the contact with possible candidates. The position also requires analytical skills, a structured work method and a very creative approach. Ms Sundin’s learning curve was short, she quickly showed that she has a most excellent talent for this profession, outperforming anybody else I have ever seen in the role of Head of Research. When I was in charge of recruitment missions it was always safe to work with Ms Sundin, I knew she would always come up with outstanding candidates. With her advanced skills in French and English, besides her Swedish mother tongue, she has been in charge of search missions in France, Belgium and Sweden. Ms Sundin has shown high ambitions and a strong wish to develop further in the recruitment profession, and be in charge of recruitment assignments, including interviews and candidate presentations to the customer. At the end of her career with us she also was in charge of some recruitment missions. Ms Sundin has clearly shown skills beyond what one can expect, I have no doubt in recommending her not only for positions like the one she carried out with such splendour at Exp.., but also for much more advanced tasks. I’m convinced she will have a most extraordinary career!