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Marie Sundin joined Exp.. Paris office on 15th March 2006. an executive search company focusing on French-Nordic recruitments. Ms Sundin is now leaving on the 12th of September 2008 on her own request to continue her career within another company. Ms Sundin has been the Head of Research services during her time at Exp.., a position that truly requires understanding of various types of business and professions. Furthermore, it requires extraordinary skills in getting in touch with the right persons, and presentation and interview skills in the contact with possible candidates. The position also requires analytical skills, a structured work method and a very creative approach. Ms Sundin’s learning curve was short, she quickly showed that she has a most excellent talent for this profession, outperforming anybody else I have ever seen in the role of Head of Research. When I was in charge of recruitment missions it was always safe to work with Ms Sundin, I knew she would always come up with outstanding candidates. With her advanced skills in French and English, besides her Swedish mother tongue, she has been in charge of search missions in France, Belgium and Sweden. Ms Sundin has shown high ambitions and a strong wish to develop further in the recruitment profession, and be in charge of recruitment assignments, including interviews and candidate presentations to the customer. At the end of her career with us she also was in charge of some recruitment missions. Ms Sundin has clearly shown skills beyond what one can expect, I have no doubt in recommending her not only for positions like the one she carried out with such splendour at Exp.., but also for much more advanced tasks. I’m convinced she will have a most extraordinary career!