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General Counsel (GC)


The MS-search agency performs headhunting missions of managers, senior executives and other key players for the benefit of French and International groups.


Our client, a large international group, is one of the major players in the areas of infrastructure, industry, ICT, and service sector. The group is now creating a new position - General Counsel- for its infrastructure pole. This position is located in the Nordic headquarters of the pole in Stockholm.


POSITION – General Counsel (GC)


The GC position is strategically important for the business and development of the infrastructure pole.


Main responsabilities are:


  • Improving the Contract Management all over the Business Units,
  • Supporting the BU & the companies on the main legal reportings
  • Coordinating the legal documentation, within the group's legal network,


The GC aims at improving the Contract Management level by supporting the Business Unit managers and animating trainings. The GC is not responsible for the business decisions, but promotes an efficient way of handling tenders, identifying legal risks, managing the contracts, anticipating claims. If need be, the GC will support the Business in case of claim.


The GC supports and promotes the various legal reportings: GDPR, 3rd party assessment, risk mapping, insurance, ethics & compliance,...


In Cooperation with the European legal network and the Group legal team, the GC coordinates the legal documentation: management guidelines, Power of Attorney, insurance policies, corporate legal.


GC reports to the CFO, with a close business link with the pole CEO and the country Directors. GC will use an assistant based on remote for administrative follow-up.


The position is based in Stockholm, Sweden.




This work requires at least 5-10 years of work experience in a similar position with very good knowledge in legal & insurance matters.


Work experience from B2B, ideally within the construction industry, otherwise within the IT sector, facilities management, infrastructure, service sector, public sector or similar. Knowledge of standard contracts (AB04, ABT06) is a requirement. Experience in Nordics operating companies, including international reporting, is desirable. Some experience of the French business culture would be an advantage.


Swedish and English is mastered freely in speech and writing as the group language is English. Knowledge of Finland and its culture is an advantage.


The ideal candidate has a positive, distinct and transparent way of work with a deep interest in people and teamwork. He/she is organized, follows up, writes reports, analyzes information and follows procedures. He/she is open-minded, curious, positive and transparent.


Education requirement is a Degree of Master of Science in Law.






Mail: (please send your application by mail).


Job reference: 2154D